Cloudia has been working hard to make Yoga accessible to all and runs workshops and delivers talks on the benefits of Yoga and ratio breathing. Her work in the entertainment industry (Film TV and Theatre) has opened doors to lead talks on building confidence within a business environment  trusting your decision making and focusing the mind via breathing technique and understanding your own body.


 Our day to day is becoming more demanding, working longer hours, unrealistic expectations to be met, busy commutes to busy home lives. The result being insomnia, fatigue, depression, stress, loss of confidence. Physically those who work at a desk or on their feet all day  commonly suffer Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSDs. Bad posture, tightening around neck and shoulders, lower back pain. Stressful environments also effect the internal anatomy, IBS, a bad digestive system, bloating of the belly.  


Yoga is used to help reduce stress through mindful breathing exercises and enables the body to restore its natural balance via strength and flexibility. We learn to breathe more efficiently,  focus and declutter the mind to enable our bodies to work  more effectivly. This has a positive result for us and our relationships both professionally and personally.

It takes courage to step onto the mat.


Cloudia aims to create a safe, fun environment for each individual and together you will work towards your goal. Her advanced studio classes are strong and dynamic  helping one discover the relationship between the poses and their clusters through fluid sequencing. Arm balances and inversions can be catagorised into four sections once you learn one asana you have learnt 15.


Her Yoga Fundamental classes help you to go back to the beginning and invite the beginner to become comfortable with yourself through the key poses of Yoga. Her classes offer a naturally meditative practice, through a consistent focus on the rhythm of the breath.

"We all come to the mat for different motivations, getting fit, connection, weight loss, injury, spirituality, increase flexibility. Why does Yoga have to be defined as one idea let it involve all of the above, each meaning adds breadth and depth to our understanding. "


Cloudia found yoga whilst on tour in the US (she has been working in TV, film and theatre for the last decade), and trained as a teacher with Stewart Gilchrist at The Power Yoga Company, 2012. She continues to practice, learn, train and pass on what she has learnt to you, whilst looking after two whippets and occasionally treading the boards on stage & screen. Agent: jessicacarneyassociates

"Your practice is about your own personal inward and outward journey the asanas have remained the same over hundreds of years yet each time you visit them they will be different."