While you’re home, make sure you still get everything you need and if you don't then ask. We are all in this together. We will have good days and bad days.. together we will support one another. 

Below is my schedule for this week coming. I will try and make these a regular slot as I think it is important we have some routine back to our lives.

*However please do give me feedback for times for the future if they are not working for you.*


Live Streaming via ZOOM (please download Zoom.us) for FREE

I will be around after class if you want to say hello and no doubt Maggie and the Whippets will join us for a virtual hug. 


Please make payment via PayPal then email me (from your Zoom email): cloudiarswann@gmail.com to confirm which class you've signed up for.

Please book classes as early as you can, at least 45 minutes before they start.


All class's are £5.00 unless you have an NHS.NET email in which case it is free


Pay via PAYPAL go to BOOK NOW below. 

Once payment is confirmed you will receive an email link 15 mins before class to join.

Please forward this email to any friends/family who you think would like to join. 

I can't wait to connect with you and your families..  ️

So much love 

Cloudia xxx