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Yoga for Teens (Secondary)  is especially devised to help build the confidence for teenagers who are dealing with the pressures of exams, revision, sports and fitting everything academic in along with a social life. More so than ever secondary are under a lot of pressure. Hormonal changes often occur around the same time as the building pressures at school and it can become confusing. In this new climate where exams have been cancelled and not going back to school for potentially after the summer holidays, away from friends again can bring on anxiety, boredom, unfocused etc.

Cloudia has created a safe place for the teens to come in and find a little bit of peace. She uses tools to help connect to the voice, diaphragm which will develop confidence in communication, opening the voice, using the body to help to build confidence. 

Your teen will have the opportunity to sit out and breathe if there is something going on for them, they will be asked if they are ok and then can rejoin as when they are ready. With this space you often find they will sit out for a moment and then join back in. 

 Cloudia's techniques are devised to   work with the body and breath which intern helps to focus and destress the mind. It is very different from teaching an adult class, there are elements of flow and learning however after a day at school they want to be able to come and learn through their bodies and breath and not through their minds.

Savasana and meditation are beneficial learning areas and very popular, very often they want to lay and have a meditation. 

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