ZEN-DEN Cotswolds



Online Yoga & Recordings

Explore your daily practice either in your own time with a recorded class or live. Each month a different series will be worked through. 

Retreats & Courses, 

Master Class: January 7th @ Yogahub London Twist and Cleanse. Please book through Yogahub London


- Online courses (relationships, Confidence, Stress, Depression, Tension, Fatigue, Motivation, Limiting Beliefs

-Day retreats held at Zen - Den Cotswolds. Each Course and Retreat Days will be working through different key areas in your life . 

Techniques used: Clique Method, NLP, EFT, Limiting Beliefs and Fears exercises.

 Planning and Goal Setting

Private Yoga 

Now the doors have opened and we can be face to face we are offering private yoga classes for numbers up to 5. Wither you are new to the practice and want to work through an individual programme, or just need a refresh before you go back into in the studio. Please contact me below  discuss further

Teen 5x 30minute Course

 I offer private classes please message for more information. Teens we are offering 30 minute sessions as part of a 5 class course to meet the individual needs. One 30 minute is not enough this course is designed to work with fatigue, motivation, anxiety, sleepless nights, hyper activity. A healthy routine is so important to establish post and during homeschooling.