January 22, 2018

Yoga for Teens is specially devised to help build the confidence for teenagers who are dealing with the pressures of exams, revision, sports and fitting everything academic in along with a social life. It became apparent the main concern for teens was exams and sleep. Cloudia has created a safe place for the teens to come in and find a little bit of peace. There is a zen den if your child is tired or not feeling very well, they can go and relax in that area until they are ready to join. Cloudia uses techniques to help them to develop skills to focus and destress the mind. It is very different from teaching an adult class, there are elements of flow and learning however after a day at school they want to be able to come and learn through their bodies and breath and not through their minds. Savasana and meditation are so beneficial learning areas they can massage on their heads if dealing with headaches and learning meditations to help tackle what they need.

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