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Ethan Ward
Ethan Ward

HD Online Player (thx Optimizer 1080p High Quality Downloadable Mov)

To Jeff and all Home theatre die hards,Lets get one thing straight from the beginning. We can throw around plenty of scientific figures, but at the end of the day I have yet to be shown from any Home Theatre specialist stores a demonstration of 1080p v 4K ? If someone has ever witnessed a 1080p v 4k setup with a 1080p & 4K screens of the same size and make at the high end of the sale spectrum, with the same brand of cables and player to visualise with your own eyes plus playing the same Bluray movie to witness personally, any noticeable difference? I other thing to remember dont get caught up in what the brands feed you through there TV! Also, 8K is still to come out and eliminating any blurring will only be done with OLED. Cheers!

HD Online Player (thx Optimizer 1080p Downloadable Mov)


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