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Buy Holle Baby Formula BETTER

Holle stage 1 organic formula (cow) 400g is a great choice when it comes to infant formulas. Many moms still feel guilty when it comes to using milk formulas but there is no need. Not all moms can breastfeed, and infant milk formulas offer the perfect replacement nutrition your baby will need. The Holle Formula Organic Infant Milk tastes great and is 99% organic. It's great for your baby and you have peace of mind knowing that you are doing the right thing by giving this milk to your baby.

buy holle baby formula

We often forget that dietary fibers are an important part of this instant baby formula. Fiber is vital when it comes to developing and keeping the immune system healthy. No preservatives or other artificial ingredients are in the Holle Organic Formula which is one of the reasons it is so perfect for babies.

All the milk in the Holle Organic Infant Formula comes from cows raised on biodynamic farms. This is as important to many moms. Knowing that you are giving your baby a product that's produced naturally gives you extra peace of mind as a parent.

Feeding Chart (This table is a guide only; your baby should be fed on demand, particularly in the first few weeks, and may need more or less than the volumes stated. If you need more advice, please contact your healthcare professional).

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Holle formulas have been around since 1933 and are one of the most highly-respected baby formula brands in the world. Holle infant formulas are Demeter certified, which is the strictest organic certification in the world. Simply put, this means that Holle meets organic++ standards for sustainable, animal and environmentally-friendly farming without the use of GMOs or chemicals.

Holle baby formulas are organic with the Demeter certification, meaning they meet some of the most stringent requirements in the world for sustainable farming without the use of chemical additives. Demeter certification is considered the gold standard in organic farming. Every year, Demeter certification must be renewed to guarantee the highest organic quality baby formulas are produced. This verification ensures that each ingredient in the formula has been checked for chemical additives, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, steroids and added sugar.

Different from many organic manufacturers, the company provides baby formula based on goat milk. Goat milk's fatty acids are smaller than those in cow milk, and they're more easily digested in infants. Goat milk contains more Vitamin A, which helps to maintain healthy eyesight, teeth and skin. Some studies suggest goat's milk even has greater antimicrobial properties than cow's milk.

Holle company has a variety of different baby formulas to choose from, depending on your baby's needs. There is the standard Holle cow formula, a goat milk-based formula, a Holle Goat Dutch formula, and A2 infant formula.

Holle was founded in 1933 in Arlsheim Switzerland. Soon thereafter, the first Holle wholemeal bread and the first Holle organic baby food were produced - making Holle one of the first organic baby food manufacturers in Europe. Holle is also one of the first certified Demeter companies in the world. The company has sites in Riehen in Switzerland and in Grünsfeld in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany. In current times, Holle is the world leader in Demeter certified organic baby formula - using no chemicals or pesticides in any steps of its manufacturing process.

Perhaps the most tangible difference between Holle formula and other European baby formula is that all Holle formulas are Demeter certified. Demeter certification ensures that the baby formula ingredients such as milk adhere to biodynamic farming methods. The largest benefit to biodynamic farming is that extreme care is placed on both the final output of the crop, as well as the intermediary steps leading to eventual production of the crop. For example, Biodynamic farms are not allowed to use any synthetic fertilizers that would alter the soil's natural nutrient composition and potentially harm the environment. Demeter certification requires strict rules to be adhered to throughout the farming process, and any brand that wishes to uphold the Demeter certification standard must reapply for Demeter certification each year. As a result of Demeter certification, Holle formula is one of the cleanest available for babies and parents alike.

Holle manufactures all of its baby formulas to comply with strict European Demeter certification. Holle's ingredients come from biodynamic farms across Germany, and different stages of production happen near the border of Germany and Switzerland. Final stages of Holle formula production happen in Austria, where Holle baby formula is packaged. All Holle raw ingredients are tested to comply with Demeter certification before any manufacturing begins. All aspects of Holle's manufacturing steps are watched closely by the watchful eyes of Demeter, and extreme steps are taken to source only the highest quality ingredients for Holle organic baby formulas.

Some examples of how Holle is made with organic and biodynamic efforts include the use of only organic compost rather than artificial fertilizers, extreme care for animal welfare - allowing them to be in as much of a natural habitat as possible, and preference given to the ultimate output quality rather than putting pressure on the environment to increase crop yield. Holle takes great pride in its commitment to creating clean, organic, and healthy baby formula. Holle is deeply committed to achieving a very familiar taste that babies love, while keeping nutrition and and simple ingredients at the forefront.

Holle sources its ingredients from biodynamic farms located throughout Germany, ensuring that every box of Holle formula is made of only the most wholesome and nutritious milk, grain, and nutrients. Aside from all natural organic ingredients, Holle formula is also vegetarian, meaning that its sources of DHA are plant-based and not sourced from fish oil. All Holle formula includes DHA Omega-3 Omega-6 which is thought to help with brain and eye development in infants. Holle formula is rich in essential vitamins and minerals which meet and surpass European Union regulation standards for baby formula nutrition. Holle formulas do not contain any added prebiotics or probiotics, meaning Holle formulas are known as clean baby formula. Holle nutrients from its healthy ingredients include vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folic acid, organic starch, organic lactose, organic maltodextrin, potassium chrloride, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, and fish oil or algae oil DHA - depending on whether the specific formula is vegetarian or not.

In terms of nutrition, Holle formula uses organic lactose as its main source of carbohydrate in all stages. At a biological and chemical level, lactose from cow and goat milk is very similar to natural carbohydrates found in human breast milk. Parents who are looking to avoid corn syrup and sugar, which are more commonly found as carbohydrate sources in countries outside the European Union, can choose Holle formula because of its use of Lactose as a carbohydrate. Because all Holle milk is organic, the lactose found in Holle formula is also organic lactose. Lactose in infant formula ensures that babies receive nutrition as similar to breast milk as possible.

Organic Starch is added to Holle formula in order to make the baby formula more creamy in consistency. A creamy formula has many benefits to babies, most notably that a formula with starch will naturally expand a tiny bit in a baby's stomach, meaning that a baby will feel fuller for longer. Starch is the main carbohydrate-polysaccharide of plants. The organic starch that Holle uses is originally sourced from organic vegetables and cereals, ensuring that Holle baby formula is 100% organic. Starch in Holle baby formula will slow down the digestion of baby formula - helping regulate your baby's natural digestive patterns. 041b061a72


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