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Charles Nekrasov
Charles Nekrasov

DOOM II High Quality

I've still been working on the project, albeit slowly due to things in my personal life, and because I'm also working on other projects that you can find on my other social networks, like twitter, my youtube, my doomworld, my doomwiki and other social networks, which I would also love for you to follow me in some of them, so that you are aware of what is happening, not only with Kaiser X, but with all my projects in general.


Had the series not been cancelled, there would have been an untitled season two finale in which Operation Impending Doom II was put on temporary hold due to Invader Tenn being captured on Meekrob (thanks to the insane SIR units sent to her in "Megadoomer" by a rebellious slave). All the other Invaders, excluding Zim (though Skoodge fields Zim the information on Tenn's capture), would have been ordered to attempt a rescue by the Almighty Tallest. It can be assumed that afterwards, the Invaders would have gone back to their assigned planets to continue the operation, or the operation would have been permanently called off after Zim discovers the beauty in life on a certain planet. 041b061a72


Welcome Zen - Den Friends - this is a community where you c...


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