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Seeking permission? If you are interested in obtaining permission to use MovieLens datasets, please first read the terms of use that are included in the README file. Then, please fill out this form to request use. We typically do not permit public redistribution (see Kaggle for an alternative download location if you are concerned about availability).

These datasets will change over time, and are not appropriate for reporting research results. We will keep the download links stable for automated downloads. We will not archive or make available previously released versions.

So, using Content-Range you could download part of the file from the end (the central directory is the last thing in a ZIP file) and try to identify the central directory in it. If you succeed then you know the file list and offsets, so you can proceed and get those chunks separately and decompress them yourself.

There are several ways for a normal person to be able to download an individual file from a compressed ZIP file, unfortunately they aren't common knowledge. There are some open-source tools and online web services, including:

You can install the Bedless Noob 200k texture pack for Java and MCPE. Make sure you click on the correct download link to avoid any problems. This tutorial is for PC, but if you play Minecraft PE or Bedrock you should read our tutorials for Android or iPhone/iPad.

The process and options for downloading content and formatting downloaded content vary based on whether you're downloading from a Look or an Explore, from a dashboard, from a legacy dashboard, or from a merged results query.

While choosing your data format for downloading, if you don't see the HTML or PNG (image of visualization) options (for Looks), talk to your Looker admin about installing the appropriate version of the Chromium renderer for your Looker instance.

For Looker developers, if you are in Development Mode, data downloads in most file formats query your model as it is in Development Mode. PDF and PNG file formats are the exception; data downloads in those file formats always query your model as if it is in Production Mode.

If you choose With visualization options applied, Looker applies some of the visualization settings to your download. Any of the following settings in the Plot, Series, and Formatting menus that are configured for the visualization will be applied to the data download:

If you choose As displayed in the data table, visualization options will not be applied and the download will appear like the data table in the Data section of the Look or Explore.

When you click Run in a Look or an Explore, Looker checks your permissions and determines whether the complexity of the query and the database dialect will allow the entire query to be downloaded. If you have the permissions (for results above a set limit) and if Looker determines that your entire query can be downloaded, the All Results option will be available in the Download window.

When you select All Results, you may also see the option to Remove all sorts from query. This option prevents sorting on your query before you download the results. Selecting this option may speed up your download, since sorting a query can be costly to performance for certain database types.

When you are downloading a large result set in Looker using Google BigQuery as your database dialect and you select All Results, you may see the Allow large results option. This is because Google BigQuery has a maximum response size for query results, as described in the Write query results Google Cloud documentation topic. In order to download results that exceed the BigQuery maximum response size, Looker must perform a different process.

You can enter a filename for the download or use the default filename that is pre-populated in the field. Looker will automatically append the appropriate file extension based on your selection in the File Format field.

You can download your entire dashboard as a PDF, which means you will get a PDF that displays the dashboard title, any dashboard filters, some or all dashboard tiles, and the time zone the dashboard was run in. The PDF will also include a timestamp that shows when the dashboard was downloaded.

When you're downloading a dashboard as a PDF, the PDF will display the new dashboard experience or a legacy dashboard, depending on the permanent format of the dashboard. In other words, if you are temporarily viewing the dashboard in a different format because you changed the URL, any downloads will reflect the permanent format.

Select or leave unselected Expand tables to show all rows. If you select this option, for dashboard tiles that use table visualizations, the PDF will show all the rows that are available in the table visualization, not just the rows that are visible in the dashboard tile thumbnail. If you do not select this option, only the rows that are visible in the thumbnail without scrolling will appear in the PDF. Dashboard and query filters will still apply, as will visualization settings such as row limits, column limits, and settings that are made with the Limit Displayed Rows option.If the Expand Tables to Show All Rows option is selected, dashboard tiles that contain table visualizations may look slightly different in downloaded PDFs than they do inside Looker. The following differences may be noticeable in the PDF:

If your Looker admin has enabled the Render Long Tables Labs feature and the Expand Tables to Show All Rows option is selected, tiles containing table visualizations may look slightly different in downloaded PDFs than they do inside Looker. To learn more about the differences, visit the Labs documentation page.

You can download all the query tiles from your dashboard as a zipped collection of CSV files. Text tiles are not included in the ZIP file. To download your dashboard as a collection of CSV files, follow these steps:

When you download a dashboard as CSV files, the options for formatting downloads, such as setting custom row limits or choosing all results, are unavailable. The row limits in the downloaded files correlate to the row limits on the corresponding tiles.

You cannot download the data from dashboard tiles based on merged results queries, but the data from merged results tiles is included if you download a dashboard as a PDF or as a collection of CSV files.

This opens a dialog box with several options that are are similar to those for a Look or an Explore and for a legacy dashboard tile download. Expand the Advanced data options menu to see all available options for your download:

You can specify how much data is included in your download in this section. In most tiles, this section of the download pop-up is named Number of rows to include; if the tile query contains any pivoted dimensions, this section is named Number of rows and columns to include. Your options include:

Looker checks your permissions and determines whether the complexity of the query and the database dialect will allow the entire query to be downloaded. If you have the permissions to download results above a set limit and if Looker determines that your entire query can be downloaded, the All Results option will be available in the Download window.

If the All Results option is unavailable, you can use the Custom option to specify the maximum number of rows allowed with your permissions. When you select Custom, you can specify a number of result rows to download. If your query contains any pivoted dimensions, you can also specify a number of columns to download.

This section covers legacy dashboards. Dashboards render in legacy format only if the Can use Legacy Dashboards legacy feature is enabled on your Looker instance. For information on downloading dashboards using the new dashboard experience, see the Downloading data from a dashboard section. 041b061a72


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