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How to Enjoy Al Green's Music in High Quality - A Guide to His Discography 320

Its not hard to grasp the narrative of The Green Album, which was released 20 years ago this week, and thats because Cuomo explained in explicit detail how hurt he was by Pinkertons failure. Largely written while he was at Harvard, dealing with the excruciating recovery of leg surgery that required him to tighten screws in his femur every day (dental braces must have seemed like a piece of cake later on), Pinkerton was one long diary entry; he wrote about his crushes ( foreign and domestic ), his neuroses, his failures. To have it panned tore him apart so he responded by disowning it.

Al Green Discography 320

The MOST Celebrational, Tributational, Compilational NEW album from today's MOST Sensational artists! Chock-full of 12 new versions of favorite classic Muppets songs performed by contemporary rock and alternative artists. Muppets The Green album follows in the footsteps created by Nightmare Revisited and Almost Alice where contemporary artists put their unique sound to memorable Disney franchises. This time artists such as OK-GO, Weezer and My Morning Jacket will revisit some of The Muppets classics like: Rainbow Connection, It's Not Easy Being Green and The Muppets Show Theme and more! Sure to be a favorite album of the summer, enjoy this evergreen classic in the making!

That ending, O Girlfriend, is seemingly ripped right fromPinkerton, offering flashes of the darker side of Cuomo, while putting his sonic twist on choruses that evoke Roy Orbison. Cuomos sings,In your arms, I was happy as a little boy could be / Taking pills and mellowing out, referencing a difficult period when he abused painkillers. Although Cuomo said he had laterregretted the unflinching lyrical honesty of Pinkerton, hemade sure that most of the lyrics on the Green Albumareambiguous. ButO Girlfriend is a rare moment when Cuomo let his guard down, once again allowing listeners in.


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