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[S16E1] Sometimes They Come Back Part 1 UPD

Again, it goes back to him being a senior resident versus the others being interns and other residents. DeLuca is likable, don't get me wrong, but sometimes he forgets his place and how to look at the bigger picture.

[S16E1] Sometimes They Come Back Part 1

He wasn't bailing on her or giving the impression he would be upset with her if she didn't pick the right outcome. For someone who is a casual lover, he's more supportive than better-defined partners.

Amelia brings in Leo to meet his sister. Bailey comes in to fetch Owen and Amelia for an incoming trauma. With three attendings fired and Andrew in jail, she can't spare them. Amelia hands Leo over to Teddy, who can't make him stop crying. Moments later, Tom comes in. He figured she had the baby since he didn't hear from her. He takes Leo from her and asks Leo if Teddy got back together with his father, whom he assumed rode in a white horse and made all the right promises. Teddy says it's all her. Tom knows he's a wonderful man, so she'll come to regret her decision and he'll be there when she does, because he's in love with her and this thing with Hunt won't last. In the meantime, they are friends. Tom takes Leo back to daycare.

Alex arrives at Mercer Island Treatment Center to check in Jo. As they get out of the car, she says she hates how she became a name on his list of crazy women. He says it's just 30 days and he can come visit her. Jo tells him they are not legally married, so he has an out and she loves him enough to understand if he would want to take it. He doesn't respond, so she grabs her luggage and heads into the building.

Maggie finds Jackson studying Jai's scans. He was diagnosed watershed infarcts, which makes no sense in his case. Jackson says Mari hung onto Jai so hard that a tree sliced the nerves in her arm and almost cut it off. Then they put Jai through excruciating surgeries and now he's on life support. He's wondering if Mari should have let go back at that cliff. There's something inside Jai that's broken beyond repair and they can't find or name it. Maggie understands he's talking about their relationship.

Over breakfast, Amelia asks Maggie if her break-up is sticking. Maggie says it is. She deserves someone who doesn't abandon her for trees. She thinks they're back to being friends. Or siblings, Andrew suggests. Bailey comes in to ask if he can wear her safety vest to school. She says no because she needs it for work.

Nico finds Levi agonizing outside Jai's room. Jai and Mari climbed all the way to the top of the mountain. He stepped back to take a selfie and slipped. He was a miracle case and now he's on life support and they don't know why. It makes Levi's body ache.

A confused Owen comes into the ER. He and the baby are fine, but he's looking for Teddy, who sometimes comes here. She panics and brings the baby over here sometimes. Everything he says or does is wrong. It wasn't this hard with Leo. Amelia says giving birth is a beast to your body, so he has to be patient. Owen admits he offered to milk Teddy. Amelia understands Teddy now.

A car pulls up next to Meredith's as she's picking up trash. It's Suzie Wilson, the classroom mom at Zola's school. She asks if this is a volunteer thing. Meredith says something like that. Now Suzie gets why Meredith never volunteered at school. Meredith says working moms don't volunteer at school because they are working. Robin then yells at Meredith to get back to work or she'll tell the court she's in contempt. Meredith tells Suzie she appreciates everything she does and goes back to work.

Richard shows up at Alex's loft. As he sees how messy the loft is, Richard asks Alex if Pac North called him since he put Alex down as a reference. Alex doens't know because he never picks up if he doesn't recognize the number. Richard knows he's not getting the job. Alex suggests asking Catherine for a job, but Richard refuses and asks Alex about Jo. Alex says she's out of town and he doesn't know if she's coming back. Richard then tells Alex to get the job. He can turn the place around and hire Richard himself. Alex is hesitant. Richard points out his environment and says if he's worried about his marriage, he should give his wife a reason to come back home.

Jai, 35, was taking a selfie with his wife, Mari, when he stepped back and flipped off a cliff. Mari caught the rope and held it until Jackson found them and held on. When Vic arrived, she helped him pull Jai up to safety. His left femur was fractured and so was his right lower leg. He had surgery on his leg. Link initially recommended amputation, but was able to save the leg at Jai's request. A week later, he was healing well. However, a week after that, he crashed and had to be intubated and resuscitated. He was diagnosed with watershed infarctions. Jai was put on life support and they couldn't figure out what caused the stroke. While having dinner with Link, Amelia remembered a patient from California who had a fat embolus that caused the same problem and he had a rash. They rushed to the hospital just as Mari was discontinuing life support and found that Jai had the rash. They started an experimental treatment in the hopes he would recover and regain consciousness. After a couple treatments, Mari began to lose hope and wanted them to stop. They convinced her to continue and a week later, as she was preparing to put him in long-term care, he woke up. His cognitive tests were all positive.

19. Before filming takes off, Fieri makes sure each judge is fully prepped on the contestants and their backstories. "He reminds everyone that these people have left their families and jobs to be here and some of them have a lot more on the line than others," explained judge Brandi Milloy. "If you watch the show, you'll notice that Guy will drop hints and helpful suggestions to the chefs while they're competing."

32. But the food is never outright inedible. In fact, for the most part, it's "terrific," raved d'Arabian. "But does it ever happen that the food isn't great? Yes. Even great chefs have bad days, and sometimes a chef's nerves get in the way of real talent. Only once have I ever had a dish that truly was awful."33. Alas, it's rare the judges actually clean their plates. After all, in just one episode, they're served nine dishes. The trick, according to d'Arabian: "Become a master of tasting with restraint." 041b061a72


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