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Tower Defense Simulator: How to Earn Coins and Gems Fast

Tower Defense Simulator: A Roblox Game Review

If you are looking for a fun and challenging game to play on Roblox, you might want to check out Tower Defense Simulator. This is a game where you team up with your friends to defend your base from waves of zombies, robots, aliens, and other enemies. You can choose from different maps, towers, and modes to customize your gameplay experience. In this article, we will review Tower Defense Simulator and give you some tips and tricks on how to play it.

What is Tower Defense Simulator?

Tower Defense Simulator is a game created by Paradoxum Games on Roblox. It was released on June 14th, 2019 and has over 3 billion visits as of June 2023. The game is inspired by other tower defense games such as Bloons TD and Plants vs Zombies. The goal of the game is to survive as many waves of enemies as possible by placing towers along the path that can attack them. You can also use special abilities and items to help you in your defense. You can play solo or with up to five other players in co-op mode.

tower defense simulator

How to Play Tower Defense Simulator?

To play Tower Defense Simulator, you need to follow these steps:

  • Join a server or create your own private server.

  • Select a map from the lobby. There are different maps with different themes, difficulties, and rewards. Some maps are exclusive to certain events or seasons.

  • Select a mode from the lobby. There are different modes with different rules and objectives. Some modes are exclusive to certain maps or events. The most common modes are Normal, Hardcore, Molten, Fallen, Golden, Event, and Infinite.

  • Wait for the game to start. You will be teleported to your base where you can see your health bar, wave counter, cash balance, and tower inventory.

  • Place towers on the designated spots along the path. You can buy new towers or upgrade existing ones with cash. Cash is earned by damaging enemies and completing waves. Each tower has its own range, damage, fire rate, cost, and upgrade path. You can also sell towers for half their price.

  • Fight enemies that spawn from the entrance and try to reach your base. Each enemy has its own speed, health, damage, resistance, and reward. Some enemies have special abilities or effects that can make them harder to kill or more dangerous to your base.

  • Use abilities and items to boost your defense or damage your enemies. Abilities are unlocked by leveling up certain towers or reaching certain milestones. Items are bought with gems or obtained from crates or codes. Gems are earned by completing achievements or redeeming codes.

  • Survive as many waves as possible until you win or lose. Winning means clearing all the waves in Normal mode or reaching wave 40 in Infinite mode. Losing means letting your base health drop to zero or quitting the game.

What are the Different Types of Towers and Enemies?

Tower Defense Simulator has a variety of towers and enemies that you can encounter in the game. Here is a table that shows some of them






Fire Rate

Special Ability














Critical Hit: Deals 10x damage with a 10% chance.




2 (splash)



Splatter: Reduces enemy speed by 10% for 2s.




3 (splash)



Grenade: Throws a grenade that deals 10 damage in a large area every 10s.

Some possible additional rows and columns for the table are:




2 (splash)



RPG: Fires a rocket that deals 15 damage in a small area every 15s.

Ace Pilot



3 (splash)

Infinite (follows enemies)

0.3s (variable)

Air Strike: Calls in a bomber plane that drops bombs along the path every 30s.

Similarly, Tower Defense Simulator has a variety of enemies that you can encounter in the game. Here is another table that shows some of them:

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