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Where To Buy Mirror Cake

These cakes really took off as a trend in 2017 but they seem like they are here to stay. One of the most popular creators of the mirror glaze cake is the instagrammer @olganoskovaa from Moscow Russia. Her cakes are so fun to watch, we never get tired of them!

where to buy mirror cake

To add colors to your glaze, simply start with making the white glaze. Divide the glaze into a few bowls and color them with regular food coloring. Some people like to then put these colors together into a big bowl or pitcher and then quickly pour over the frozen cake or they prefer to pour the colors individually and layer them up.

Making a galaxy cake is super fun! For this I prefer to use a dark chocolate mirror glaze recipe and add a little black food coloring to make it nice and dark. Then layer up some white, pink, purple, blue or any colors you want really! Top with some edible sprinkles or glitter for an extra out-of-this world look!

Fill your mold with about 1/3 of the mousse. Layer up some strawberries or fruit puree. More whipped cream, then your cake (I recommend our delicious vanilla cake recipe). Seal with another layer of cream and then freeze!

You could definitely glaze the round part. For the spout and handle you might have to dip them in the mirror glaze with a toothpick and then attach to the teapot carefully with another toothpick. Tricky stuff

Do you pour mirror glaze directly on the cake or do frost the cake and pour over buttercream? Also if you pour all the colors in one bowl do they mix or stay a little separated. Trying to make a galaxy cake. Thanks!

Hello. I plan on making this cake for a baking competition. It will likely be sitting at room temperature for about 4-5 hours. Will it be okay? I plan on freezing overnight, pouring in the morning, refrigerating for an hour, and then transporting to the site which will be indoors at room temperature. Thank you!

I'm an artist and cake decorator from Portland, Oregon. Cakes are my obession, which is why I'm dedicated to crafting tried-and-true recipes, small cake tutorials, as well as advanced online cake courses!

Great question! This mirror glaze recipe mostly just tastes like white chocolate. There are a ton of mirror glaze recipes and they use a variety of ingredients, so they can end up tasting a lot of different ways. But that's why I love mine! I think it's relatively easy to make and tastes really good on cakes :) Hope that helps, happy baking!

I haven't tested it, but I think as long as the cheesecake is frozen it should work! I also think this would work on a baked cheesecake, but I'm not so confident about a no-bake cheesecake. Hope that helps, happy baking!

There seemed to be some discrepancies with the amount of gelatin so I compared this recipe with others and decided to use 2 envelopes of gelatin instead of just one. I followed all the other amounts and directions exactly. It came out great! Birthday boy was very pleased and hubby said it was the best cake I ever made. So for all those who are having runny, melting right off problems- double the gelatin.

Give your cakes a shining, mirror finish without worrying about finding that perfect proportion of ingredients with White Mirror Glaze. This simple to use glaze only requires the addition of warm water to create a fluid pour. Simply ice your cake, let it chill, and pour the glaze evenly for a sleek, sophisticated finish!

A flat, even cake surface is essential for beautiful smooth, flawless mirror glazes because the shiny nature of the glaze makes bumps and moulds highly visible. See this separate post for my directions: How to Make Frosting Smooth on Cakes.

You can use virtually any cake that has some density and stability. I would not recommend really airy, soft or fragile cakes (like Chiffon Cakes) because they will be difficult to handle and prone to easily denting.

Frosting is required to make the surface level and smooth for a flawless mirror finish. If you pour the Mirror Glaze straight on to a naked cake, it will be bumpy and grainy looking, and the glaze will also soak into the cake.

No matter what you are pouring the Mirror Glaze over, it needs to be as smooth and level as humanly possible because the light reflected by the glaze will emphasise imperfections that you never normally notice with regular cakes.

Do not transfer the mirror glaze into the pouring jug until just before using. Doing this too far in advance creates too many unexpected variables which may trigger the need / irresistible desire to stir. That action will create bubbles. Also you will get a skin on the surface which creates unsightly lumps in the glaze.

Move the mirror glazed cake straight after pouring the glaze on, before it sets. Otherwise the glaze around the base of the cake will start to set and stick to the rack. This will cause dragged, untidy bits around the base of the cake when you move it.

I just found your website and read this post. It is so clear and informative. I also read you post on ganache. Thank you for explaining things so clearly and in detail. These are the best posts I have ever read on ganache and mirror glazes. I look forward to reading your other posts.

To glaze a cake: Start with a frosted, thoroughly chilled cake. Set the cake onto a wire rack over a half-sheet pan lined with parchment (to catch the drips). Note: Timing is important here: don't remove the cake from the freezer until just before it's glazed. Removing it too early may cause condensation, which in turn can cause the glaze to slide off.

Pour the 85F to 88F glaze over the cake, starting in the center and slowly moving outward in a circular motion. Stop pouring once the sides of the cake are fully covered; the glaze will set up very quickly.

The cake will be at its best if it rests at room temperature for two to three hours before serving. Or refrigerate it overnight, well covered; then bring it to room temperature and serve the following day.

Situated in the heart of the Gold Coast, Cakers Paradise is your one stop shop for all your cake decorating supplies! 2021 Best Online Retailer and 2022 Best Small Retailer of the year as awarded by ACADA.

Entremet cakes are a labor of love, but the final result is downright impressive. This holiday variation incorporates a crunchy chocolate pecan crust, gooey salted caramel, creamy chocolate crémeux and a cloud-like caramel mousse.

Now, I fully acknowledge this recipe is ridiculously long. There are a lot of different parts to this recipe that all need to be made separately and then assembled before the whole thing is smothered in a shiny red mirror glaze.

Large silicon dome mold. The final cakes are molded in a silicone dome mold measuring approximately 3-inches in diameter. The mold I used makes 5 cakes, but there are similar molds that would make 6 slightly smaller cakes.

White chocolate. The real stuff, NOT baking chips. When in doubt, check the ingredients: cocoa butter should be the first or second ingredient. White baking chips containing palm kernel oil will NOT work for the mirror glaze.

If you want to make a full size glazed mousse cake instead of minis, the quantities as listed should work in a 6-inch silicone pan or cake ring, or, for a larger 8 or 9-inch cake, double the crémeux and mousse portions of the recipe and follow the general assembly method outlined in my Nutella Mousse Cake recipe. I tried to note the yield of each component in the recipe below, which should help you scale appropriately, no matter what size mold or pan you are using.

* To double this recipe, double the crust, crémeux and mousse components (the caramel and mirror glaze already make enough for a double batch). To make one large cake, use an 8-inch silicone pan and double the crémeux and mousse portions of the recipe (you may have some leftover, just eyeball the quantities as you fill your molds).

These turned out great for me! I followed the recipe exactly, except I used Graham crackers instead of pecans because of a nut allergy. I did have to do a few layers of the glaze. I realized I waited too long to glaze after taking the cakes out of the freezer, so the condensation caused the glaze to slide off. But they turned out just like the photo.

Using an immersion blender, food processor or blender, process glaze until smooth. Strain mixture through mesh strainer to remove any air bubbles. Divide mixture into 3 parts and add icing color, gel color or Color Right Base Colors to customize. Let glaze cool to between 90F and 96F before pouring over cake or desired treat.

Position desired treat on cooling grid set over a sheet pan. Pour colored mixtures over the top and down the sides of the cake, swirling together. Refrigerate cake until set, approximately 15 minutes. Gently remove from grid and place on serving plate.

Mirror glaze is a stunning technique to decorate mousse cakes, entremets, and pastries. Deeply rooted in French tradition of haute pastry, this simple and easy technique will give your pastries a professional polish.

Completely freeze your cake overnight. It must be frozen completely solid before pouring the glaze. Try to smooth out the top and sides as much as possible as any imperfection will show through the glaze.

When the glaze is between 90F and 94F (32C - 34C), it is ready to be poured over the cake. At this point be very careful not to introduce bubbles since the glaze is very viscous and they will not pop on their own. You must manually pop them or strain the mixture through a sieve.

In what feels like decades ago in social media lifetimes, mirror glazes were quite the hype in 2016. Beautifully shiny and colorful glazed cakes were everywhere. Whether they were space or galaxy-themed, simply stylish, or brightly colored, they looked amazing and so shiny. 041b061a72


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