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Charles Nekrasov
Charles Nekrasov

NTL MOD for The Most Advanced Mod Available

I didn't test much myself except installed yandex, visited chrome webstore url in it, added ntl mod extension, then seetings for desktop version of browser, then and it just works. Those interested need to work out details like controls and such, but it is doable.

ntl mod for download

Once you have downloaded and installed the extension, open the The page should now look different from the default page. All four corners should have text, and new buttons should appear in the middle.

Now, any computer that wants to join the server can paste the server code in the IP section of and play in the same lobby! Make sure NTLMod is installed on the other computer as well, or it will not work.

NTLMod adds new ways to configure your game. If you press the settings button, you will see options related to game graphics and snake settings. You can freely change these to whatever suits you best.


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