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Sasaki To Miyano Episode 3 __FULL__

After 3 episodes, Sasaki should already be nominated as the best boy of the year for his patience, respectful attitude, honesty, and the way he tries to embrace everything about Miyano. It is really no surprise that Miyano is slowly beginning to be moved by his attitude, which is the first major step towards romance.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 3


An anime adaptation was announced on November 20, 2020.[38] The adaptation, later revealed to be a television series, is animated by Studio Deen and directed by Shinji Ishihira, with Yoshiko Nakamura handling series' composition, Maki Fujii designing the characters, and Kana Shibue composing the music.[2] The series aired from January 10 to March 28, 2022, on Tokyo MX and other networks.[39][40][b] The opening theme song is "Mabataki" (Blink) by Miracle Chimpanzee, while the ending theme song is "Ichigo Sunset" (Strawberry Sunset) by Yusuke Shirai and Soma Saito as their respective characters.[41] Funimation licensed the series outside of Asia,[42] which was later moved to Crunchyroll following Sony's acquisition of the company. Medialink licensed the series in Southeast Asia and South Asia;[43] and is available for fans to catch on the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel,[44] iQiyi,[45] bilibili, etc. An anime OVA episode was released with the ninth volume of the manga on July 27, 2022.[46]

The series was released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan across 4 volumes, each volume containing 3 episodes.[47] In North America, Crunchyroll released the complete season on Blu-ray on January 3, 2023.[48]

After the final episode, it was announced that the series would be receiving a new anime project.[49] It was later revealed to be an anime film, titled Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation, with the main cast and staff returning from the anime series. It premiered in Japan on February 17, 2023, along with an anime short adaptation of the Hirano and Kagiura spin-off manga.[50][51] Crunchyroll licensed the film, and screenings will be held at Sakura-Con and Anime Central before premiering online.[52]

The last episode was just the cherry on top. We know what will happen, we can feel that Miyano will confess and that there will be a kiss scene. But the way it was depicted took me by surprise. The physical trajectory which builds up to the kiss was just perfect. Touching hands, hugging, touching the face and then leaning in to kiss. It was simply adorable. The entire series is absolutely adorable. It is a must-watch. Another season of the series has been announced already as well!

Kagiura Akira is one of Sasaki's juniors. Sasaki knows that Kagiura is Hirano's roommate and he also notices that Kagiura is pretty fond of Hirano as he states it in chapter 3 of "Hirano to Kagiura". Kagiura is also aware that Sasaki is Hirano's classmate. Although it was never showed, they have probably met each other. In chapter 46, Sasaki asks Shirahama to see Kagiura, referring to him as "Kagi-kun", implying they've met. It is unknown that if they get along or not but in a drama CD of "Sasaki to Miyano", in the amusement park episode, it is stated by Hirano that Kagiura doesn't really likes Sasaki.

The early episodes are magical, illustrating a vibrant dynamic between the leads. Sasaki and Miyano establish a fun, delightful rapport over their mutual interest in BL. Their interactions are impossibly charming, enough to make you blush, smile, and giggle. The series captures the giddy feeling of falling in love for the first time. It doesn't take long before their genuine rapport sways my heart. I champion this adorable couple and want them to get together ASAP, especially after the marvellous ending in Episode 3.

Aesthetically, Sasaki to Miyano appears pretty and pleasant to the eye. The dreamy artwork enhances the soothing atmosphere in the narrative. Each character has a distinctive and recognizable style that matches their personality. This anime also uses a unique technique, adding random floating shapes to convey bliss and euphoria. These effects give the scenes extra oomph, although they can be distracting. Overall, the entire series is drawn decently, but the team saves their best work for the last episode. The finale looks spectacular, a stunning showcase of visual artistry.

Sasaki to Miyano loses me during its middle stretch. After a compelling start, the plot doesn't progress and stalls momentum. I'm frustrated by Miyano's indecision over Sasaki. For a BL fan, his views are oddly unenlightened. He keeps repeating, "I like girls, not guys!" episode after episode and rejects the possibility of his same-sex attraction. Miyano enjoys BL and ships his friends with men, yet he has contradictory standards for his own love life. It's tiresome to watch him be confused and deny his feelings, evident to everyone except himself.

Sasaki isn't ashamed of liking BL. When Ogasawa questions his friend's hobby, Sasaki gives a calm, mature response that impresses Miyano. For years, Miyano has been conditioned to believe his love for BL is a guilty pleasure, something he must hide in secrecy. His new friend proves otherwise. Sasaki empowers Miyano to embrace his repressed identity. You'll notice the leads chatting openly about BL in the later episodes without hiding anymore. That's remarkable progress from Miyano, showing his growth as a person thanks to Sasaki's encouragement.

The longer it takes for Miyano to decide, the more erratic Sasaki's behaviour becomes. This anime launches an iffy subplot, exploring Sasaki's struggle to respect boundary issues. The storyline is unfortunate. Seeing multiple episodes of "I can't control my urges! I have to touch him!" makes your protagonist look like a predatory creep. I generally adore Sasaki, but I can't overlook this one glaring red flag. Sometimes, it's better not to hear his inner thoughts around Miyano.

Sasaki to Miyano has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is around 23 minutes long. It is a long BL anime, and you can finish the entire series in around 5 hours. The series started airing on January 10, 2022 and ended its last episode on March 28, 2022.

Sasaki to Miyano has a happy ending where the leads become a couple in the last episode. It takes Miyano a long time to accept that he has feelings for a guy. However, he makes a breakthrough and confesses his love to Sasaki in a spectacular fashion. The two characters meet up after school, arranged by their friendly matchmakers Hirano and Masato. Finally, Miyano gathers his courage and tells Sasaki that he reciprocates his romantic feelings.

Miyano and Sasaki kiss twice in the last episode. Their first kiss is not shown on screen, cutting away at subtle angles so that we don't see their lips touch. My gut tells me the exchange got censored. It's peculiar not to display the big cinematic kiss between the leads. We reach the damn climax of the series and you shy away from showcasing the best moment in its entirety? Hmm, how sketchy. ?

The Sasaki to Miyano ending is satisfying because the two leads are finally on the same wavelength. Sasaki was fond of Miyano since the premiere, like love at first sight. Each episode intensified his attraction. However, Miyano wasn't ready for a relationship, and Sasaki tormented himself over an indecisive response. It takes twelve episodes for Miyano to sort out his sexuality, a long personal journey filled with doubt. At last, he admits to being infatuated with Sasaki on a physical, emotional & romantic level. Sasaki has been waiting patiently, but Miyano is caught up and reciprocates his love.

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